Carriers tee up plentiful xel deals for the holidays

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 22 Dec 2016

ether you’re looking for a last-minute tmas gift or just a little treat for yourself, you may be able to score a great deal this week on one of the best phones around: Sprint, Verizon T-Mobile are each offering customers savings of up to $400 on a br new xel.

The catch is you need to be willing to stick with the same company for at least 24 months to get the full savings. The best deal we could find is at Verizon, ’s exclusive partner for the xel. ile you’ll get a slightly modified version of the phone— have to rely on Big Red for updates—the carrier is offering a pretty sweet deal, selling the 32GB xel for just $10 a month the $128GB model for $15 a month. If you’re looking to upgrade to the xel X it’ll run you $15 a month for the 32GB model $20 a month for the 128GB one. That works out to about $400 in savings over the course of the contract.

ile you can’t buy the xel at Sprint or T-Mobile, there are still deals to be had. Take an unlocked xel into either carrier’s stores you will receive $240 in discounts on the xel $325 on the xel X spread out over two years, a savings of $10 $13.55 per month, respectively. ile T-Mobile is advertising the offer to anyone, it seems that Sprint is being a little coy about it. As Android lice explains, you may have to jump through some customer representative hoops before the deal is applied.

The impact on you at home: You want a new phone you want to save money, right?