The best apps games for Daydream VR

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 13 Dec 2016

Get lost in a new world
daydream ready

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Daydream has the potential to be the best mobile VR platform. built a comfortable, easy-to-use headset a smart remote that creates a great VR experience for exploring new worlds, gaming, watching 360-degree videos. And it’s not locked to just one hardware maker.

But any new initiative is only as good as the software. Even in the early days of Daydream, some true gems have emerged that you should check out right away. has the money influence to do VR right, from what we’ve seen so far things are off to a good start. Here are some titles to get you going if you’re looking for something new or are just getting started in the world inside of the goggles.

Fantastic Beasts ere to Find Them
fantastic beasts

There’s no better way to kick off a new platform than with a tie-in to a blockbuster movie. Fantastic Beasts ere to Find Them is pretty fun, if for no other reason than to jump right inside of the Harry tter universe.

aying through the experience is rather slow going, as you need to mix up some ingredients in Newt Scamer’s workshop then use your remote to cast the spells so the magical creatures stay calm. Die-hard tter fans will love it, though everyone ought to check it out to experience what it’s like to explore such a mystical world.

Fantastic Beasts (free)

YouTube VR
youtubevr watch spherical player

You knew that wasn’t going to leave its dominant video service out of the VR action. YouTube VR takes advantage of that 360-degree environment by turning any video into a more roundabout experience by stretching it around your vision throwing in more menus. The real gems are the 360 degree videos, though of course there aren’t as many of those to be found just yet. However, I find it to be the best VR video experience available, especially since ay Movies other apps are little more than a flat broadcast inside a VR environment.

YouTube VR (free)

go BrickHeadz Builder VR
lego brickheadz

Don’t let the fact that this is a go game fool you into thinking it’s only for little kids. go BrickHeadz Builder VR may instead tap into your inner child that will find joy in building three-dimensional creations.

There’s a “magic book” that you can follow if you want some guidance, or you can go with a free-form mode. Another nicety is there are no in-app upgrades to contend with. st download the free app get to exploring. It’s also worth noting that Daydream isn’t recommended for those under 13, so you’ll need to tell the littler ones they need to be a bit older before they can slap on the goggles.

go BrickHeadz Builder VR (free)

Hunter’s Gate
hunters gate

I was enthralled by this game. Not because it’s the look-around-you type of environment, but instead because the actual gaming environment is like a 3-D board.

You choose one of two characters that must battle their way through a dark dangerous world filled with demons. The game accelerates in difficulty fast with enemies coming at you from many different angles. But I found it very engrossing, it’s a style of play that works very well in virtual reality.

Hunters Gate ($5.99)

nyt vr

The NYT VR app was available with Cardboard, but it’s more immersive lends to deeper exploration as a part of Daydream. There’s nowhere else where you can experience sting outside The Great Mosque in Mecca, turn around, notice a KFC is open for business without actually being there.

There are several other experiences that are tied to current events (like the just-completed presidential election), numerous human interest stories, opportunities to visit outside of Earth. It’s a unique way to experience the news, it’s one that’s worth taking the time to experience given you don’t need a es subscription to check it out.

NYT VR (free)

ger Goat
danger goat

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To be honest, the fact that the game is called ger Goat was reason enough for me to check it out. But I came to love it for the playful, cartoon environment puzzle-style gameplay. The graphics are fun contain a lot of details for you to explore when turning your head around.

You have to manipulate various objects in order to send the goat to freedom. There are a ton of explosions clever traps thrown in that make this a great game for those who want something that will challenge your brain inside of the VR environment while also holding onto a playtful theme.

ger Goat ($5.99)

The Arcslinger

Behold the promise of a first-person shooter in virtual reality. The Arcslinger is the first to really nail it on Daydream. It’s a fun, engaging game that carries through with a decent storyline. You’re in this weird western world trying to win shootout after shootout with an array of creatures. There are plenty of upgradeable weapons, a shield, other tricks to help you survive the environment. If there’s a game that’s going to make you dizzy, however, this is it. So if VR makes you slightly dizzy, you may want to skip this one.

The Arcslinger ($7.99)

Star Chart VR
star chart vr

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One of the first apps that really mesmerized me on my first smartphone was Star lk. Being able to slowly parse the sky with your phone get an accurate view of the constellations was pretty breathtaking. epare for a similar technological leap with Star Chart VR. You’ll feel like an astronaut that is suspended in space, able to zoom fly to distant worlds. The app also packs in a bunch of scientific information, so you can exercise your brain as well as your eyes.

Star Chart VR (free) Home Run Derby vr

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You had to see this one coming. th a controller in your h, it’s easy to imagine that someone would put together a game where you’d be swinging for the fences. M executed its Home Run Derby well, letting you step behind the plate as one of the top players to try knock it out of the park.
You’ll want to make sure that your friends give you plenty of space in the room when checking this game out. You don’t exactly need a full-on swing to go yard, as most of the work is done by being accurate making a strong flick of the wrist. 

As fun as the game is, it made me wonder about the possibility for other sports integrations with Daydream, as it’d be fun to play a more robust baseball game where you pitch can throw others out at first. ssibilities exist for golf, football, many others. Home Run Derby ($4.99)

Street View
street view vr

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Street View is a pretty common tool today when it comes to exploring a map. But Street View in VR is another experience, one that you should definitely check out.

has aggregated some spots around the globe worth checking out, such as historic buildings, national parks, high-end buildings. But you can use the search function to also check out your local coffee shop “walk” around it with your Daydream headset. This app is a great example of the possibilities of how VR can change your perspective on previously-existing technology.

Street View (free)


If you want to experience ttrue virtual reality video, then Next VR is the right way to do it. This isn’t like some of the apps that just throw in a screen some shrubbery call it a “VR experience.” 

This apps takes you inside an NFstadium, rock concerts, monster truck rally, various other live events. I was truly impressed with the views, looking around at the crowd at Metfe Stadium as well as the crowds bouncing around during a Coldplay concert. New content shows up all the time, so be sure to come back regularly take time to explore all of the different video options.

NextVR (free)

Gunjack 2: End of Shift
gun jack

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This game is another excellent implementation of the Daydream Controller, in this case used as a first-person shooter. The storyline has a Halo-type vibe, with you partaking in an epic space battle using your controller to blast away aliens.

The environment is immersive, you’ll be turning your head often to view the alien spacecraft zooming by to track down all the enemies. There may be some sticker shock with the price, but welcome to the world of VR gaming where the experience is an entirely new level up from traditional mobile gaming.

Gunjack 2: End of Shift ($12.99)