The Google New Pixel Phone Includes a Dedicated Adapter to Transfer Data from Older Phones

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 4 Oct 2016

Apple’s Move to iOS app provides an easy way to move contact’s other data from an Android phone to an iPhone.
Turnabout is fair play! Google’s new Pixel does the same, with a dedicated adapter. According to PCWorld, the new Pixel phones shipped with a dedicated Switch capability that allowed users to transfer contacts, calendar events, photos, videos, music, SMS messages, iMessages, and more from one device to the other. Android Police indicates that the Quick Switch Adapter is a dedicated On-the-Go adapter that will ship within the Pixel box, which confirms within its Pixel specs page.

To port data from an older phone to your new Pixel. You’ll need a charging cable as well as the Quick Switch Adapter.

Which describes the switch as a three-step process. You’ll need to ensure that the older phone runs Android 5.0 up or iOS 8 above for iPhones. It says this includes most devices, specific names like the Nexus 5, 6, 5X, 6P. And those running Android 5.0 among the supported ones. The process is relatively simple if you’re moving from an older Android phone. Important note iPhone users must turn off iMessage and Facebook. All users then remove the SIM from the old device. Then put the SIM in the new phone, then you’ll need to sign into your Account from the Pixel. Finally, it will ask you to select the data you want to port over.

Once that’s all decided, it will migrate the requested data. You’ll be able to set up and explore your new Pixel. While that takes place, Google doesn’t say how long the process will take. Which will obviously depend on how much data you’re moving.