kemon Go update now warns you not to play drive, debuts ‘Nearby kemon’ test

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 9 Aug 2016

The explosive popularity of kemon Go has been accompanied by some nagging bugs. Niantic bs is squashing some of those bringing in a few helpful features to smooth out the experience for those who play the ultra-popular game.

The update comes with two version numbers: 0.33 for Android 1.30 for iOS. According to the official changelog, the game will nag you if it perceives that you’re driving while playing. You can also now change your nickname if you don’t like it, though you only get to do it once.

The update also includes at test of a new “Nearby kemon” feature with a small group of users. A few players were able to spot the feature post screenshots, which shows you what creatures may be nearby. It’s a huge improvement over the broken radar feature. l users, even those not in the test, will see a “Sightings” section showing which wild kemon are in the area (but not their actual location).

pokemon go nearby imgur

The Nearby feature is rolling out for a few lucky players.

so, battery saver mode is back for those on iOS, as the kemon Go team says it’s fixed some lingering issues with the feature.

To get the update, make sure you have the latest version of kemon Go from the App Store or ay.

The impact on you: These are helpful improvements that will impact a large number of people even though the game hasn’t finished its worldwide rollout yet. The popularity is evident, as kemon Go has over 100 million downloads on ay at least 50 million on the App Store. But Niantic bs still needs to do more to ban cheaters, bots, add in new features. Imagine how great all of it would be if played out on our ultimate kemon Go phone.