is killing off the ‘Together’ feature as it gears up Android ar 2.0

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 8 Aug 2016

has pledged to make Android ar a lot better in the next iteration. Yet as is often the case, that means killing off features that don’t gain traction. 

One of those casualties is the Together watch face. The details come from the changelog for version of the Android ar app. Together let you pair up your watch with another Android ar user to share an emoji, pictures, stickers, workouts.

It’s likely getting the boot as plans to bake in more sharing collaborative capabilities directly into the operating system with Android ar 2.0. The app update says Together will shut down by September 30. This doesn’t guarantee that’s when we’ll see Android ar 2.0, but it should be happening fairly soon in order for that timeline to make sense. 

A ar 2.0 developer preview is already in the wild, though you’ll need a Huawei tch or tch Urbane 2 in order to run it.

y this matters: The Together watch face likely had very little usage as two people both had to both agree to use it to access the features. is building more messaging other sharing capabilities directly into the next version of Android ar, which may make your watch a better venue for staying connected to someone.