Report: Swiping your fingerprint scanner will open notification shade on Nexus phones

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 3 Aug 2016

Checking your notifications could soon be as simple as swiping down on your Nexus phone’s fingerprint sensor.

That’s the latest rumor to pop up about how plans to bring more exclusive software features to differentiate the Nexus line from other Android smartphones. 

Android lice says it scored an animation that displays how the feature will work.

nexus swipe Android lice

Checking your notifications may involve a quick swipe.

You’ll also notice that may change up the software buttons at the bottom of the screen, filling in the square triangle adding some color to the home button in the middle. The blue green dots in the above image are part of a stuck animation bug, won’t be sitting there like that in the final release. (

It’s unclear if this would be available for the Nexus 6 5X or just the new Nexus phones coming later this year. If it’s just a software capability, then there shouldn’t be an issue. If there’s some type of specific hardware tweak being added to the sensor, then it’s going to be exclusive to the new Nexus phones

y this matters: It’s Nexus rumor season, so this is probably one of several that will float our way during the coming weeks. is clearly using this next Nexus launch as a way to bake in its services more deeply to the operating system possibly show other manufacturers how they could do the same. Or, at the very least, to differentiate Nexus more provide value beyond just the stock Android experience.