10 ways your phone makes you a better person

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 29 Jul 2016

Smartphones get a bad rap for how they’ve changed society for the worse: ’re all fat, mindless, distracted phone-zombies who have forgotten how to interact with our fellow humans. But smartphones aren’t all bad—not only do they ultimately make our lives better, they also make us better people.

Smartphones may have caused us lose our ability to remember things, but that’s only because they remember those things for us! (And your smartphone’s memory is a thous times better than yours ever would have been, anyway.) Here’s why you should take some time to give your smartphone a pat on the back. Thanks, buddy!

You remember every birthday

Thanks to Facebook, you know the birthday of every single person you’ve ever met, including the guy who asked for directions three years ago the hyman from your old apartment building.

You’re a modern-day scrapbooker

That album of 5,628 selfies? It’s not vanity! It’s 5,628 beautiful memories for your children grchildren.

You’re a financial ninja

Sticking to a budget is difficult, but it’s slightly less difficult when you have finance apps like Mint sending shame notifications whenever you spend a little too much on booze.

You stay in touch

You still don’t call your mother often enough, but you do call her ( video chat with her, text her) more than you would if you didn’t have a smartphone.

You’re environmentally-friendly

You save trees every damn day by obsessively using your smartphone for things like emailing texting, taking notes, online banking, etc.

You’re punctual

Telling someone exactly how late you’re going to be is sort of the same thing as being on time, right?

You’re in shape

ll, maybe. That depends on if you feel pressure from your smartphone to walk at least 10,000 steps hit the gym so you can Tweet about it.

You may work more, but you spend more time with your family

You’re a workaholic thanks to your smartphone. But you’re a workaholic who probably works from home a couple (every) days a week.

Spending time with your family while glued to your smartphone is still spending time with your family…

You’re useful in an emergency

Car accident? ll up basic first aid information on your smartphone. alert? Be on the lookout for the license plate number in the text you just got. Terrorist attack in another country? You can help spread news information via social media sites.

You’re more likely to document abuse

You have a pretty powerful tool in your pocket: a portable video camera that you can use to record photograph episodes of abuse (including, but not limited to, police violence).