Report: planning to one-up Apple with new ay Store revenue model

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 9 Jun 2016

That didn’t take long. 

st a day after Apple said it would give developers a more favorable cut for subscription offerings in the App Store, is apparently planning to follow suit. 

According to Recode, subscription-based services on ay will move from a 70/30 revenue split to 85/15. Unlike Apple’s new plan, which will offer the same split, won’t require a one-year threshold to get the improved sharing rate. 

There was no specific date as to when this would take effect, though the report did say has been testing the new scheme with some media companies. If this is in the works, will probably announce the move at some point soon, perhaps around the time of DC to steal away a little of Apple’s thunder.

y this matters: has tried to make the ay Store a friendlier place for subscriptions, allowing companies to even use their own backend billing system keep all the revenue. On the App Store, publishers others have to use Apple’s payment tools h over 30 percent of the revenue. It’s also worth remembering this is only for subscriptions. This new payment model should push ever more apps services in the direction of subscriptions instead of one-time payments.