10 Totally Cliché Instagram Pictures You Have Definitely Posted

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 20 May 2016

Instagram is pretty neat. It’s an excellent way for people to show the artistic, specially curated side of their lives. But how many pictures of generic latte art or sunsets with words over them does one person really need to see?

Face it. Most of the Instagram posts you make have already been made by a million other people. Are your feet facing the ocean? Check. Is your French bulldog wearing sunglasses? Check. That picture of the Hollywood sign? Check, check, check. And if you think I’m hating, I’m totally not; I have personally made almost every single one of these posts; some multiple times. So, without further ado, here are 10 ultra cliché Instagram posts that we all love to hate.

The Mirror Selfie

Despite all the advanced selfie taking technology that exists today, this is still the first thing everyone posts to Instagram.

The Hot Dog Legs, and Feet on a Beach

How will you make your friends jealous of your fantastic vacation if you don’t post pictures on Instagram? And how will they really know you were there unless you prove it? Because, you know, your friends know you by your legs and feet.

The Low Light Concert or Party

People at concert party, crowd at music festival. Rock concert

This is the worst picture you have ever taken in your life. Hell, you’re not even sure what’s going on here. But your Instagram followers must know you were at this concert.

The Latte Art

Is it just me, or does all latte art look exactly the same? And by exactly the same, I of course mean Instagram-worthy!

The #1 Foodporn

Well, you didn’t make a reservation two months in advance to not take a picture of your entrée.

The Gym Selfie

Basically a humble brag. You do work out!

The Adorable Pet

Your dog, cat, rabbit, snake, betta fish in the entire world, obviously. Maybe you should take this a step further make them their own Instagram account?

The Inspirational Quote

When you’re too lazy to take your own picture, but you want the easy likes. Make sure it’s super generic!

The Obviously Fake Workspace

The first step to being productive. Please take a photo of your workspace, and post it on Instagram. But your desk is cluttered. So you should instead set up a fake workspace in a café, complete with a pretty latte. And take a picture of that.

The Airplane Wing

Yes, the view from an airplane is pretty awesome. I don’t fault you for wanting to take a picture of that. But make sure people know exactly where you were when you snapped this photo. Including the airplane wing in your composition!