is opening up the G5’s modular ‘Friends’ to developers

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 12 Apr 2016

The world of Android is consistently propelled by its able willing developers, which is why is calling on coders tinkers to help make new modules for its latest flagship, the G5.

announced on Tuesday that it’s opening up the modular functionality of the G5 to third-party developers, in addition to the software development kit for a couple of its Friends—namely, the 360 Cam 360 VR. The company will also launch a new marketplace to help developers monetize the G5’s new companion devices.

“The potential of the industry changing G5 the concept of Friends are limitless,” said Dr. Ramchan o, Vice esident of Smartphone oduct anning at . “ believe that by giving developers the same tools that inspired us from G5’s inception, we’re going to see innovations ranging from toys to medical tools to things we haven’t even thought of ourselves.”

The story behind the story: Making modules for the G5 is not as easy transparent as it sounds. will have to vet each piece of hardware before it goes into production, which could make it a tough sell to developers. It’ll be easier to get tinkerers on board with the SDK, since all it requires is tapping into the existing abilities of the 360 Cam 360 VR. But then again, what if no one buys those accessories?  ll developers still feel an incentive to develop to a subset of users that hardly exists?

Regardless, the company is hopeful it can inspire developers to see the G5 its Friends as an opportunity for creativity, rather than just another set of devices. It’s even hosting a developer conference in downtown San Francisco this Friday, April 15. Registration is still open if you’re interested living in the Bay Area. I’ll be there on Friday to scope out how ’s conceding to developers to get on board with its new development kits.