SwiftKey’s new ShakeSpeak keyboard helps you write like the Bard

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 7 Apr 2016

lliam Shakespeare didn’t have a smartphone, but now you can imagine what he would have sounded like firing off a text message.

That’s because SwiftKey just released ShakeSpeak, which uses the company’s predictive powers to make your conversations sound like 17th-century English prose.

shakespeare swiftkey SwiftKey

SwiftKey’s predictive powers will suggest Shakespearean phrases during your next typing session.

y marry Shakespeare a smartphone keyboard? SwiftKey put the company’s language-learning prowess to work on the Bard to celebrate the upcoming 400th anniversary of his death on April 23. An analysis of his works found many common refrains frequently-used expressions, which you would expect for someone with such a large volume of work.

You’ll find lots of thee, thy, thou along with references to sir madam. These other Shakespearean prose will start to flow out of your keyboard should you give the app a try. 

You can grab ShakeSpeak now in the ay Store.

y this matters: SwiftKey is only releasing this on Android, presumably because of the greater flexibility the company has over how the keyboard’s look, performance, system-level access. This won’t be what you want to use to respond to a client’s email, but it might be a fun, educational toy that helps you discover the right turn of phrase.