Nextbit apologizes for the delay on the CDMA variant of its Robin smartphone

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 22 Jan 2016

ll, this is a bummer for all you Verizon Sprint subscribers: Nextbit said today that the CDMA version of the Robin could be delayed until April, which is about two months after the initial release of the anticipated smartphone.

On its Kickstarter page, Nextbit wrote:

You want the future to be here already. You want your Robin today. feel the same way. know CDMA backers want to know when their Robins will arrive. wanted to wait until we could give you an exact date, but we can’t wait anymore.

The CDMA Robin wasn’t in development until we saw your response on Kickstarter, we got a little carried away in the excitement of the campaign. en we estimated we would deliver CDMA Robin in February, we were being optimistic. Now that we’ve gone through development are working out the testing schedule, we think April is more realistic. don’t know exactly when in April as there are still a number of factors outside our control. will keep you up to date, as we get more more information.

know this isn’t the type of news you want to hear we’re sorry. ’d love to tell you all the Robins would ship in February like we planned, or at least give you an exact date. Stay true, Rebels. are gonna do this.

Nextbit is likely prioritizing the GSM variant of the Robin because it’s more widely used worldwide, because they started on that version first. The GSM variant will ship beginning February 16 to the first 1,000 backers, then to everyone else who pre-ordered the device.