ay will soon warn you when apps have ads

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 19 Nov 2015

Starting in 2016, when you download an app from ay you’ll see right away whether or not it’s loaded with ads. recently updated its developer requirements so that all apps will have to be labeled with ay’s “ad-supported” label.

though the ad-supported label will be new to most games apps it’s already active as part of the ay Store’s “designed for families” section. ay announced the families program in April, but it didn’t roll out until ne.

By nuary 11, developers must declare whether or not their apps contain ads. Anyone who fails to properly declare whether their apps have ads could be suspended from the store.


ay’s ad-supported label.

As you can see in the image here, the ad-supported label appears at the same spot you see other notes such as whether an app has in-app purchases.

The impact on you at home: It’s not clear exactly when users will see the new app label. Developers must make the ad-supported declaration by nuary 11, but that doesn’t mean that’s when it will show up publicly. en it does show up it will be an added bonus for users if they’re wondering whether or not they can expect ads as part of a free app.