previews new app streaming capability directly from its search app

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 18 Nov 2015

’s two-year project to index the content of apps is starting to bear some fruit. The company offered a sneak peek at a new search feature that will stream mobile app content right to your phone.

The idea is that when you’re searching for content that lives within a mobile app, you’ll get a real-world example of how it looks right inside search. 

stream apps Inside Search

is working on indexing apps in order to stream them right from within its search engine.

It’s a promising concept, one that could greatly improve upon the current method for evaluating an app: screenshots music-filled preview videos. This effort is also another recognition by that much of the content out there lives inside of apps instead of on the web.

For now, has collaborated with a small group of partners: Hotel Tonight, Chimani, Daily Horoscope, New York Subway. But with deep linking into other services like Facebook, expect this list to grow.

y this matters: This is the second major search-related announcement from in the last two days. They both offer details at how will try dominate mobile search the same way it has on the desktop for almost two decades. Instead of trying to push everyone onto the web, appears content to bring the app ecosystem to you in a way that may eventually outperform the stard “app storefront” approach.