Android Influencer: Schofield’s YouTube channel is all about simplifying Android

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 11 Nov 2015

at does it take to run a successful YouTube channel? Quite a bit of juggling, that’s something Schofield—also known as QBKing77—knows plenty about.

Schofield’s been making a living filming Android-centric how-to review videos for his YouTube channel, Your Tech Simplified, since 2011. His channel has over 200,000 subscribers 54 million views. He’s also known for doing a ton of giveaways helping newcomers learn the basics of their Android devices, like rooting or installing a custom ROM. talked to Schofield to learn about about his process of making videos why he stuck with the name QBKing77.

: at inspired you to start making videos about Android devices? 

Schofield: I loved to make modifications on Android devices, so I would learn how to root devices. I noticed many people needed help with the somewhat complicated process, so I started making tutorial videos to help these people out. The videos became popular everyone wanted more, so it just kept growing! ong with tutorials, I have branched out to reviews, un-boxings, other fun tech videos.

: Do you have any official video training?

Schofield: I actually don’t have any training when it comes to shooting or editing video. Everything has been self-taught I still have a lot to learn. 

: How do you decide what kind of video to make? 

Schofield: My inspiration definitely comes from the many tech YouTube videos I have watched throughout the years. I would always want to see something that wasn’t shown in a specific video so I just started to include these things in my videos. Essentially, I like to make videos that I would want to watch in the most clear concise way possible. 

: at’s your recording editing process like?

Schofield: Generally, I will write down bullet points of things I would like to talk about. I’ll shoot the video with audio first, then afterwards shoot B-roll do some voice over work. I’ll throw all my files into the editor (Currently using Adobe emiere o) make a video!

: at’s the meaning behind the name QBKing77? 

Schofield: This was a username I made back in 2007 to play Madden Online. I created my YouTube account with the exact same name just started to upload those tutorial videos on the channel. I thought about changing the username, but a lot of people know me by that name so I’ve stuck with it up until this point. 

: How many videos do you do a week?

Schofield: The amount of videos I do every week usually varies depending on how busy the tech community is, how busy my personal schedule is. I like to keep it at a minimum of two videos per week, but sometimes it gets up to 5-6 videos in a week. 

: Did you find it challenging to make YouTube a full time job?

Schofield: My junior senior year of college was pretty difficult. I was trying to balance school work, golf (I was on the golf team), YouTube. There were a few gaps in time when I had absolutely no time to make any videos at all. After I graduated, I had much more time to completely focus on YouTube have since made it my full time job.

: How did you feel the Android community received you when you started making videos?

Schofield: Many people were grateful that I put some complicated processes in simple, visual terms that allowed them to enjoy their Android devices even more. 

: How long have you been an Android user? 

Schofield: I have been an Android user since 2011. My first Android device was the Epic 4G which was a part of the first Samsung Galaxy S line. 

: at phone are you using these days? 

Schofield: I’m currently using a Nexus 6as my daily driver which I’ve been very happy with! though it does change all the time depending on which video I’m making a review for. 

: at is one app you absolutely cannot live without?

Schofield: Can’t live without Relay for Reddit. So clean functional.