Pick Up some Cool Games for 10 Cents Each in the Play Store.

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 9 Oct 2015

It’s Friday. Even if you have a job and stuff to do, there’s always time for some great games. Head to the Play Store for some of these excellent games that will only cost you a dime. Please note some games are now not available at the Play Store. Here’s the list with links to each of the game pages.

Urban Counter is a favorite, with its great atmosphere and addictive gameplay. You should note that EA has ended support for Dead Space, and some other titles, it’s still a great game and should work just fine.

Why this matters: With so many games going free-to-play. Finding a title where you pay for it and not deal with in-app purchases is lovely. Meanwhile, some of these games still include such teasers. You can generally play through and enjoy them without the original price tag of several dollars. But you are still able to download and are now free to play.