Tag Heuer’s luxurious Carrera Android ar watch will cost you a cool $1,800

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 30 Sep 2015

Tag Heuer will soon bring its watchmaking smarts, pricey wristwear, to the world of Android ar. first got wind of the Carrera earlier this year, but without a firm price tag or release date.

The Carrera will launch November 9 at an event in New York City, company CEO an-Claude Biver told CNBC

In the interview, he said Apple’s ability to sell its watches at prices of $1,500 or more gave him hope about how the Carrera could do.

Another boost is that Android ar watches now work with ione, though they have significantly less functionality than when paired with an Android device.

y this matters: Most Android ar watches are around $300 or so, though some fancier models of the Huawei tch can push the boundaries to $800. So it will be telling to see if Tag Heuer can convince those who would want a luxury watch to go with one that runs Android ar. The ione compatibility will certainly help, as most research indicates the majority of those with higher incomes opt for Apple’s device over an Android phone.