announces the Nexus 6 Nexus 5X, shipping in October

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 29 Sep 2015

officially showed off the Nexus 6 Nexus 5X at its event in San Francisco Tuesday.

As was rumored, the Nexus 6 built by Huawei, features a 5.7-inch AMOD screen an all-metal body design, of course runs Android Marshmallow. 

Vice esident of Engineering Dave Burke spent a considerable amount of time showing off the 6s camera capabilities, praising the device for having, “the best camera we’ve ever put in a Nexus phone.” 

In terms of specs, it has a 5.7-inch quad-HD display, an eight-core 1.9GHz Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM, a 3450mAh battery, 12Mrear camera with laser auto focus, an 8Mfront camera, 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB of storage. It comes in three colors: aluminum, graphite, or frost.

nexus 6p

Burke spent a lot of time on stage demonstrating the camera prowess, showing off several comparisons to the ione 6s the Nexus 6, touting superior low-light performance.

nexus camera specs

The other new flagship is the Nexus 5X, built by . This device includes a 5.2-inch 1080p (423ppi) I D display, a six-core 1.8GHz Snapdragon 808 processor, 2GB of RAM, a 2,700 mAh battery, 12.3Mrear camera with laser autofocus, a 5Mfront camera, 16GB or 32GB of storage.

 The plastic body comes in three color choices: carbon, quartz, or ice.

Both devices will run Android Marshmallow, the latest version of Android due for release next week. They also include a fingerprint scanner on the back, which can be used to unlock the device to authenticate purchases with Android y or in the ay store. th Android Marshmallow, developers can tap into an A to add fingerprint support to their own apps. And they can be charged with a B Type-C port. The devices support fast charging, which says can get you seven hours of battery life with only ten minutes of charge time.

As stock Android devices, they are designed to show off all the new, shiny features of Android Marshmallow. For example, Now is always listening, so you can issue one of the many voice comms to your device when it’s locked. 

also spent more time showing off its Now On Tap feature of Marshmallow. th this, you can hold the home button get suggestions of apps or related content from Now about what you’re doing on the device. For example, if you’re having a Hangouts conversation about a nearby Italian restaurant, Now On Tap may offer the address.

The Doze feature is aimed at improving battery life, which is often a struggle with smartphones. Doze puts your device into a lower power state when it’s locked. Seldom-used apps also go into a stby state in order to suck up less battery when they haven’t been used in a long while. didn’t give specific time savings, but argued that these overall changes could bring about a longer-lasting device. It says Android Marshmallow provides 30% longer screen-off time on the existing Nexus 5 Nexus 6, which is a big bump from a software-only update.

also talked about a Android Sensor Hub, which is a separate, low-power coprocessor. It appears to be an answer to Apple’s M series of coprocessors, as it can detect motion active display like found on the Moto X series. This isn’t entirely new to Android phones, but it will be exploited fully by these new Nexus devices.

The Nexus 5X starts at $379, the 6begins at $499. The devices are available now for preorder from the Store in the U.S., U.K., Irel, pan. They will ship in October include $50 in ay credit, plus a 90-day subscription to ay Music (for new subscribers). They work with any major U.S. carrier, are also available to use with ’s oject Fi wireless service.

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also announced its Nexus otect plan, which provides two years of protection from damage, with 24/7 claims filing. The cost is $69 for the Nexus 5 $89 for the 6X. Think of it as AppleCare for your Nexus phone.