‘s new Nexus 5X models appear in the FCC’s database

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 26 Sep 2015

’s big September 29th media event is almost upon us. thanks to the FCC, we’re learning a little more about a probable new Nexus phone, the Nexus 5X.

According to Android lice, the FCC recently published documents pertaining to the -H790 -H791, which onlookers believe are two variants of the new manufactured Nexus 5X. Based on the cellular radios in each model, Android lice concludes that the H790 is the “the carrier-agnostic version for the United States,” while the H791 is the international version of the phone.

Android lice goes on to note that the version of the 5X is expected to work on AT&T, Sprint, Version, T-Mobile.

ile the FCC database doesn’t provide much else in the way of specifics regarding the new devices, it does give us an idea of how large the 5X will be. According to Droidfe, the FCC docs peg the phone’s dimensions at 146.9mm by 72.5mm, or about 5.8 by 2.9 inches. The FCC doesn’t specify how thick the phone will be, but it does say that the screen measures 133mm diagonally—about 5.2 inches. According to Android lice, the dimensions provided by the FCC are pretty much in line with specs leaked by Amazon India earlier this week.

Android lice previously published leaked press images of the Nexus 5X, which show white, black, light blue variations of the device. In addition to the 5X, rumors point to a new, Huawei-build Nexus phone called the Nexus 6that will come in gold, white, black, aluminum finishes. 

So far, we’ve had to rely on rumors, leaks, innuendo for what to expect out of , but we won’t have to wait much longer—we’ll see you on Tuesday.