12 reasons you really don’t need that new phone

You feel like you NEED that new phone. But you don't, you really don't.

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Verizon recently eliminated contracts and subsidized phones, which means you have one less excuse to upgrade to a new phone. But let’s be serious: Even though you’ve been eyeing the new Moto X Pure Edition to replace your old Samsung Galaxy Note 3…you don’t really need a new smartphone. You might want a new smartphone, but you don’t need it.

Minus the old ‘my contract’s up’ excuse, here are 12 reasons you think you need a new phone that are actually reasons you don’t.

Your ‘old’ phone is two years old

Not 4. Not 5. Two. TWO!

Your screen is cracked

Your phone’s not broken…your screen is. Just get the screen repaired and you’ll save about $500.

You have $600 to spare

You just got a bonus? A tax refund? A gift from your overly-generous grandmother? Instead of spending it on a smartphone you don’t need…why don’t you buy a new laptop? Because a new smartphone is approximately the same price as a new laptop. Think about that for a moment.


Yes, new smartphones are faster, slimmer, and sexier. But do you really need a speedier smartphone? Why? So you can load up Clash of Clans 1.2 seconds faster? Because the last time I checked, sending a text isn’t any faster on a Samsung Galaxy S6 than it is on a Samsung Galaxy S4.

You’ve dropped your old phone a million times

That means it’s time for an upgrade, right? Wrong. All that means is that you’re probably going to drop your shiny new phone the second you get it.

You have unlimited data

If you’re one of the lucky few who still has a true unlimited data plan on Verizon or AT&T, you might be thinking it’s a good idea to get a new phone and take full advantage of all those gigs. But while it’s possible to switch phones and keep your unlimited plan…it’s not guaranteed. After all, Verizon and AT&T really want to “accidentally” kick you off your unlimited plan.

You need a bigger screen

You don’t.

You need a smaller screen

You don’t!

You live in a bad neighborhood

Nothing says ‘rob me’ like a shiny new smartphone!

You’re running out of storage space

Try deleting all those bathroom selfies and videos of your dog…or upgrading your microSD card.

It’s so pretty

Ohh, look, the Samsung Galaxy S6 comes in emerald! Your old phone is black, so clearly you need to upgrade ASAP. Except…you’re going to put a case on it, right? Here’s an idea: just buy a new case for your old phone and voila—it’s so pretty!

It just came out

New smartphones come out all the time. If you can hold off for a year, or even just six months, chances are you’ll get a much better deal on that shiny new handset (although you may want the newest model by then, in which case I can’t help you).

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