nd’s End, from the creators of Monument Valley, coming exclusively to Samsung Gear VR

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 22 Sep 2015

Imagine going inside of Monument Valley, the dreamy well-regarded mobile puzzler.

That’s what inspired the studio behind Monument Valley, ustwo, to create its first title for virtual reality headsets like the Samsung Gear VR.

According to a preview the studio provided to red, the game makers said they wanted to re-imagine what it would be like to play Monument Valley from inside the game. 

However, the team quickly decided they couldn’t copy the same approach as Monument Valley, which focuses on sharp, 180-degree turns that don’t properly translate to a virtual world.

“It’s great when you’re looking at the id, but it’s slightly vomit-inducing when you’re in VR,” Gray, a producer for nd’s End, told red. 

To mitigate that, the team re-thought how the game should play. They came up with a 360-degree world that keeps much of the same aesthetic of Monument Valley. You must play through a shipwreck solve puzzles in order to find your way out of each situation.

The game shows a lot of promise, offers a nice break from other titles that are focused on first-person shooters other high-intensity action.

nd’s End is set for release on Oct. 30 will be available via the Oculus store on Gear VR.

y this matters: Seeing a studio behind a wildly successful mobile game is an exciting development for VR gaming. The preview also illustrates how we’re entering a new type of game, as designers have to think differently about game design in VR.