Android device updates: The original Verizon Moto X is finally getting llipop

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 18 Sep 2015

tch out for flying pigs: the original Moto X is finally getting Android llipop almost a full year after the software’s launch.

It’s the biggest highlight in a rather slow week of updates, which hopefully means everyone is busy at work getting their phones ready for Android Marshmallow.

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Moto X (2013): ile most of Motorola’s phones have jumped to Android 5.1, the original, Verizon-bred Moto X has been stuck on KitKat. Android 5.1 is finally here, though it may be little consolation to those who bought this phone because it ran stock Android was supposed to receive timely updates. Motorola executives have blamed the problems on hardware incompatibility. 

Moto X re ition: Verizon now says it’s resolved the problems it had activating Motorola’s newest flagship on the company’s network. If your freshly-customized Moto X re ition arrives on your doorstep, follow Verizon’s guide to get it up running.