PSA: Amazon slashes Nexus 6 price to $350 for 32GB model

The 64GB edition is only $400, though you'll probably need to act fast before bargain hunters swoop in and carry this away.

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With the new Nexus phones just around the corner, it’s time to start making room on the shelves.

Amazon is selling off four different models of the Nexus 6 at a pretty solid discount, saving you as much as $300 off the original price of $649. For a phone that’s less than a year old, it’s a pretty good deal.

Here are the specific listings: 

Sure, the Nexus 6 may be big and unwieldy, but for the price this could be a good way to check out stock Android. And this phone stands a good chance of being one of the first to get the update to Android Marshmallow.

The story behind the story:  This is clearly an effort to move out inventory in anticipation of two new Nexus phones. So if you pick one of these up, keep in mind there’s going to be new, pure Google devices (one built by LG, the other from Huawei) heading out the door soon. Buyer’s remorse is never a good thing.

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