ay search ads now available for all Android devs

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 30 Jul 2015

If you haven’t seen any ads yet when you search in ay, keep your eyes open, because they’re coming.

announced on its Adrds blog that it’s exping the capability for developers to buy ads in the ay Store beyond the original test group

This means you should see ads at some point when doing a search in the ay Store as more developers decide to pitch their products this way. st as with search results on the web, the promoted content floats its way to the top, is marked as an ad.

google play ads Inside Adrds

You’ll see a small advertisement button with certain search results.

y this matters: On the one h, you may not be excited about seeing ads in the ay Store. However, appears to have ensured they won’t be terribly annoying or intrusive. Developers have a lot to gain as well, as they’ll no longer be at the mercy of ’s somewhat questionable algorithms to promote their apps. It’s another case of enlightened self-interest: while this may help devs (possibly) consumers, this move also opens up another revenue stream for .