More rumors point to Huawei as next Nexus phone maker

It's not official yet, but Huawei appears to be the most likely maker of the next Nexus phone expected this fall.

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In case there weren’t enough rumors about Huawei potentially making the next Nexus smartphone, here comes another one. This time around it’s well-sourced reporters at The Information leading the rumor charge, in a piece highlighting the mutually beneficial friendship between Google and Huawei.

Huawei and Google will reportedly roll out a new Nexus phone this fall—the Nexus 6 was announced in late October 2014.

The latest rumors echo an International Business Times report from June when an unnamed Huawei employee confirmed to the IBT that the company was working on a Nexus phone.

Prior to the two most recent rumors, Android Police reported in May that Google and friends were working on two new Nexus phones: one from LG (the creator of the Nexus 4 and 5) and one from Huawei. So far the Android Police report is the only one to specify a screen size, saying the Huawei phone would be a 5.7-inch phablet similar to the Nexus 6.

If that holds true, the Huawei Nexus would likely be similarly priced to the Nexus 6, which was more expensive than previous Nexus smartphones. Prior to the Nexus 6, Google’s smartphones were lower-priced devices meant to show off the usability and power of plain Android without a manufacturer overlay.

The story behind the story: Becoming the annointed Nexus maker for 2015 would be a big advantage for Huawei. The China-based company’s presence is mostly non-existent in the U.S. thanks to prior political issues and a lack of interest from carriers and smartphone users. A high-profile boost from Google as the Nexus maker could help Huawei towards its ultimate goal of becoming a top three smartphone vendor in the U.S.

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Google isn’t teaming up with Huawei out of the goodness of its heart. Huawei could help Google get Play Store apps onto Chinese Android phones and even create an app store. The search giant hasn’t been able to reach a deal with the Chinese government on this issue and has had a difficult relationship with Beijing. Google could also help Huawei sell its upcoming Android Wear smartwatch, which may also have a hard time catching on in the west due to Huawei’s lack of name recognition.

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