OnePlus 2 leaks show sleek, Nexus-style build with fingerprint sensor

OnePlus claims its new fingerprint scanner unlocks the device faster than Apple's Touch ID.

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Even though they’re rather blurry, a couple of leaked photos give us some great clues as to the possible look of the OnePlus 2. 

PhoneArena has a picture that shows each side of the device, which will get a virtual reality launch on July 27.  The front design feels like a mashup of a OnePlus One and Nexus 6. The back shows some kind of wood paneling, with a vertical bar for the camera lens and what looks to be a fingerprint sensor. 

oneplus2 leaks PhoneArena

The back of the OnePlus 2 may have an LG-style vertical button design with a fingerprint scanner.

The interface is close to stock Android, which keeps with the underlying aesthetic behind the company’s Oxygen OS. On the hardware front OnePlus pledges that its fingerprint sensor will perform unlocking and other tasks faster than the iPhone’s Touch ID. That’s a lofty promise that will be worth testing should we get our hands on a device.

The story behind the story: The OnePlus 2 definitely shows some promise. If OnePlus learned from some of the many issues that plagued its first phone, we could have a real contender on our hands. Even though we have about a month before the virtual reality launch, we should hear more from OnePlus—the company plans to reveal one feature at a time leading up to launch.

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