OnePlus 2 unveil set for July 27 with virtual reality showcase

It's another strange marketing move from OnePlus, which is trying to gain credibility while also hold onto its edge.

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TheOnePlus 2 will come straight to your face on July 27. 

That’s because OnePlus will broadcast its launch in virtual reality and soon hand out free viewers to those who sign up. 

The viewer design is based on Google Cardboard, an open-source blueprint for a cheap, virtual reality viewer that works with a smartphone.

Just like the LG G4, and last year's OnePlus One, the company is leaking out the details of its new phone one announcement at a time. First up was news the OnePlus 2 will have the Snapdragon 810, with sufficient tweaks to mitigate any overheating issues. OnePlus also says the device will have a USB Type C port, which is gaining traction as the new standard for charging and data transfer.

The story behind the story: The OnePlus One was a decent phone, especially for the price, but it had its share of issues with bugs, terrible marketing missteps, and a very frustrating invite-only sales system. For the OnePlus 2 to gain traction, its parent company will need to show it’s grown up a bit. Marketing stunts are well and good (except when they objectify women), but buyers want some trust that if they run into problems with the phone, a reputable company will be there to support them.

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