Report: Android M extends Nexus 5 stby battery life nearly 3x

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 9 Jun 2015

Android M may finally meet the long-unfulfilled dream of better battery life first pledged with llipop. 

A side-by-side test of two Nexus 5 phones, one running Android 5.1.1 the other running M, show the latter outperforming ’s promises from I/O.

According to German blog Computerbase, the Android llipop model lost four percent of its battery while on stby for eight hours, while the Android M edition only dropped 1.5 percent. 

After 24 hours, the llipop unit drained 12 percent compared to only 4.5 percent for Android M. The same ratio carried out over 48 hours: the llipop Nexus was down 24 percent, while the Android M phone only lost nine percent of its charge.

Using this data, the blog computed an expected total stby time: 533 hours for Android M compared to 200 hours for llipop. Given that Android M is still in developer preview, there’s a good indication this performance may get even better as improves the operating system.

nexus 5 roid m battery

Computerbase saw fantastic improvement in stby battery life running the Android M developer preview. (translated from German)

Even though this was only a test of stby capabilities, it’s encouraging. Battery life is increasingly important on Android because phones like the G4, with a removable battery, are becoming the exception. The Galaxy S6 others are going the non-removable route, which makes squeezing every last moment of battery life key.

The story behind the story: announced at I/O that Android M would tackle stby battery life head-on with its Doze feature. This will determine when you’re using your device give it cat naps during period of inactivity. After this blog’s experiment, we’re eager to see how this will impact a phone’s battery during a day of email, social media, games.