10 Reasons Why You Don’t Want Unlimited Data

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 5 Jun 2015

Unlimited data is basically a thing of the past. Even if you’re lucky and persistent enough to still have a grandfathered-in plan from 2011. Most unlimited plans are throttled after a certain point, so once you hit around 5GB of data usage, you can expect your connection speed to slow considerably. But that’s totally cool. Because, as Verizon Wireless says, you don’t really want unlimited data. After all, you, like, have Wi-Fi at home, right? Seriously, you won’t fancy it.You don’t. I mean it! Here’s why.

Wi-Fi is Totally Faster Than 4G 


And you have Wi-Fi everywhere, right? That’s why you have a smartphone in the first place. Also, you can take advantage of all the free, speedy Wi-Fi in your city. Ahhh sarcasm!

Limited Data is Actually a Better Deal

In the case of throttling, this is actually true. When you pay for 10GB of data, you get 10GB of un-throttled data. Unlike when you pay for unlimited data, you get just 5GB of un-throttled data.

You Totally Support Musical Artists

If you had unlimited data, you’d constantly be streaming Spotify. And Spotify hurts musicians, which is why you’re glad you don’t have unlimited data. You’re definitely switching to Tidal when you have a moment. Right???

You’re Not Really a Heavy Data User, Anyway

Only about five percent of data users eat through more than 5GB/per month. You’re not part of this five percent, mainly because your limited data plan caps out at 4GB. And you don’t want to pay cover charges. So, uh, you obviously don’t need unlimited data.

You Have The Perfect Excuse not to Video Chat with Your Mom

Hey Mom, I can’t chat now because I’m using too much data. It sounds way better than. Hey, Mom, I’d rather sit here and stare at the wall than talk about your neighbor’s new fence.

You Also Have The Perfect Excuse Not to Check Work Email while You’re on Vacation

Kidding! Your boss expects you to eat those coverage charges. And no, you can’t expense them.

You’re Much More Focused on Your Workout when You’re not Watching Netflix

While you may think streaming Netflix improves your cardio, that’s only true if you continue to do cardio instead of skulking off to the corner of the gym. So you can watch Orange is the New Black in peace.

You Can’t Download Games

No games = no time-wasting. Maybe you’ll physically go outside instead of sitting on your couch playing a few thousand rousing games of Wordament.

Your Phone has Much Better Battery Life

AKA: you’re not using it constantly so it actually lasts an entire day instead of just three hours.

You’re Totally Saving Money

Because an unlimited data plan for $30 is more expensive than a limited data plan for $50. Er, wait a minute. I misspoke. I meant you’re totally saving your wireless carrier money. Why take one for the team, and they get incentives for selling particular products.