bView update patches app system crashes

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 12 May 2015

has fixed a rather nasty bug introduced by bView, an Android OS feature that lets apps display webpages without kicking you to the browser. 

The tool was causing several system application crashes, resulting in a lengthy Reddit thread Chromium issue tracker.

has posted a new version in the ay Store, which promises the following fixes:

  • Fixed inline video crash issues.
  • Added workarounds for graphics driver bugs which were causing some devices to hang.

You can also get the update right away by grabbing it from A Mirror. Even if you didn’t experience any problems yourself, it’s wise to have the latest version.

The story behind the story: Moving bView to the ay Store gives the ability to update it right away, as it’s not able to push out Android system updates to non-Nexus devices. took some heat for a bView security flaw in older Android devices that don’t use the Chromium-based version of bView. Instead of issuing a patch, which would likely get stuck in the long Android update process controlled by carriers device manufacturers, it’s focused on making bView secure for the long-term by updating it in the ay Store.