Android Influencer: Google's Adrian Ludwig is dedicated to making Android as safe as it can be

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Ludwig: We’ve lots of features that are designed to do that. We’ve added better encryption support, better sandboxing, and better exploit detection. We’re also really interested in some of the lower level hardware features. Security companies like RSA have managed to get pretty low level hardware features on a lot of consumer devices, but very rarely have they’ve been exposed to mere mortals that build applications because they’ve traditionally required a hefty business model associated with licensing fees and the like. One of the things we’ve been working on is exposing that security infrastructure—trust zone, the secure element, TPM, depending on the specific device—so they can be used by any application developer.

Greenbot: Let’s get into the fun questions now: How long have you been an Android user?

Ludwig: Good question. I’m an iPhone to Android convert. I really like open systems and I really find long term value in platforms that embrace innovation, so it’s almost like…a religion, heartfelt philosophical belief. For me, that’s a lot of what Android brings: a real commitment to something more than a few dollars to a particular manufacturer.

[My first Android phone] was the HTC Hero. The white one. It was really pretty.

Greenbot: What are you currently using?

Ludwig: I don’t like big phones. I have three broken red Nexus 5s, and I have this one that’s pretty banged up. I don’t believe in cases and I drop things a lot.

Greenbot: What is one app you absolutely cannot live without?

Ludwig: The number one will be my bank app. I also have a real estate fixation—I really like the Zillow app.

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