mobile search results to highlight site names, breadcrumbs over UR

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 17 Apr 2015

is decluttering its mobile search results page by getting rid of lengthy UR.

Instead of seeing the web address for subdomains, you’ll be greeted with breadcrumbs, which are links that take you to specific sections of a website. You’ll now find those listed right under a site’s name (pictured) when searching in a mobile browser.

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The UR (left) are going away in favor of easier-to-navigate breadcrumbs (right).

In a blog post says that web masters can use to ensure their site is communicating these details to ’s servers. This way you’ll see the name of the site the separate categories instead of just one URon the results page.

The impact on you: This should make navigation a little more finger-friendly easier to decipher when searching from an Android or iOS device. You’ll be able to go right to a specific sub-domain instead of ling on the site’s homepage working your way around. It can also make it easier if you’re about to tap on, say, a shopping product page vs. a product review.