Drive to take over image backup duties from + photos, report says

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 9 Mar 2015

Drive may be the new backup solution for all your pictures, usurping + otos for automatically saving all your smartphone’s images videos.

That’s what Android lice uncovered while digging into the A for Drive 2.2. The update enables you to organize your Drive by dragging dropping files tweaks to the slide-out navigation menu. But as is often the case with ’s Android apps, there are nuggets hidden in the code that hint of future plans.

Several strings indicate that Drive will get some type of otos folder, which will take over the photo video backup duties currently hled by +. 

had a hint something like this was coming. Recently ’s David Horowitz announced he would be taking over the social network, which will be reorganized into Streams otos. The oto backup editing tools in + have been one of the few bright spots for the service, which never met the goal of becoming an alternative to Facebook.

This could change how you access photos from a Mac or . On the desktop, you currently have to go to + otos to get to your images download them if you want a copy on your hard drive. If photos are backed up directly to Drive they could be synced to your computer if you have the Drive app installed, which would make it far more convenient to access.

The other key discovery from the A teardown was Chromecast support for audio video saved in Drive. This could allow you to stream an album or batch of songs saved in your Drive without uploading them to ay Music or another Chromecast-supported music application.

The impact on you: If you use + otos as your image backup solution, be on the lookout for things to change. An ideal time for to launch this would be at its I/O conference in May, when it tends to unleash a flood of new products enhancements to its current services.