wireless network may only work with Nexus 6 at launch

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 6 Mar 2015

is starting small with its new wireless network, only granting access to those with its own gargantuan phone. 

According to the ll Street urnal, is going to launch its own mobile network in h, piggybacking off T-Mobile Sprint’s towers. But the only phone you’ll be able to use at first is the Nexus 6, a device which may have limited appeal due to its hefty size constant supply issues.

will become a Mobile Network Virtual Operator, selling its own plans without building out a network from scratch. But instead of bursting onto the scene by trying to disrupt the entire industry overnight, the strategy appears similar to ‘s Nexus line of phones tablets—niche products that appeal to those who want the most y experience possible.

If the network can throw in some perks at those who live heavily in the ecosystem, allay fears about how much coverage it can bring by relying on the number three four carriers, it could be an appealing option.

The most interesting rumor about the network is that devices will be able to hop between the competing networks’ towers -Fi to latch on to the optimal signal. So if you’re in a friend’s basement that doesn’t get network service, you wouldn’t miss any calls or texts if you’re connected to his -Fi.

‘s Sundar chai told an audience at Mobile rld Congress in Barcelona that the network will launch “in the coming months.” 

The story behind the story: Ever since it launched its Nexus program, has been trying to nudge the mobile world towards a purer form of Android. Carriers hset makers have long tinkered with ‘s platform, sometimes replacing services with their own. ‘re intrigued at how plans to tackle this issue through its newest initiative.