novo’s pocket projector pairs with phones for anytime, anywhere big-screen videos

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 3 Mar 2015

The next time some llamas are running wild your smartphone screen just won’t do for sharing all the action with your friends, you can whip a projector out of your pocket for instant big-screen glory. 

The aptly named novo cket ojector snaps onto any Android phone projects images or video up to 110 inches from corner to corner. novo announced the device Tuesday at Mobile rld Congress in Barcelona.

lenovo projector

novo’s cket ojector has speakers on both sides comes in both white gray color schemes.

The projector displays still images video at a resolution of 854×480, so it won’t compete with a High Definition display—especially when stretched to its 110-inch maximum. It supports both 4:3 16:10 aspect ratios has two built-in 0.5speakers. The battery lasts 2.5 hours, so it could even get through a feature-length film, but it will need recharging afterwards.

lenovo pocket projector gray front Image: novo

The novo cket ojector (shown here in gray) has a 50-lumen optical engine.

The design is rather smart, with the bottom side flat while you can tilt the projector bit up to 90 degrees. 

The D light cranks out 50 lumens of brightness, with a contrast ratio of 1,000:1. You can plug it in to your phone with a MicroB cable or wirelessly through DA or Miracast. Or if you’d rather, you can skip the phone slap in an SD card with up to 32GB of storage space.

lenovo pocket projector white tilt Image: novo

The optics side of the novo cket ojector (shown here in white) tilts from 0 to 90 degrees.

The projector measures 104mm by 25mm by 100mm, so it may not exactly be a comfortable fit in the pocket, but at least it’s substantially smaller than the stard projector. 

If you want to check one out, it’ll be available in May for $250. 

y this matters: novo is really innovating in the projector space, as it also recently unveiled the Yoga Tablet 2 o, which doubles as a projector. The novo cket ojector could also be well received in the business world, as it ensures you always have a projector ready to go. Business is almost a better fit for it, since at $250, it’d be a pricey toy.