12 things you miss about your dumbphone

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Smartphones are amazing. But dumbphones…well, there’s something to be said for that old, indestructible, 2-weeks-of-battery-life Nokia bar phone you used to have. Don’t get me wrong, I like being able to document my every move on social media and win arguments with Google searches as much as the next person.  But sometimes (oftentimes) I miss texting on a physical keypad or being able to drop my phone without freaking out. Don’t you?

It was indestructible

Throw your old Nokia against a wall 822 times? Not a scratch. Drop your Nexus 4 onto a carpeted surface from a height of two inches? Cracks all over the glass! 

Your battery never died

Forgot to charge your dumbphone overnight? No problem. Forgot to bring your smartphone charger with you to work? Have fun hitting 23% battery life by lunchtime!

You could text with your eyes closed

Texting in meetings, in class, with gloves on, while driving…all a million times easier with T9.

Autocorrect didn’t exist

dumbphone autocorrect2

Of course, incredibly funny autocorrect fails also didn’t exist.

You used to know where you were

dumbphone gps

…and where you were going. You know, without opening Google Maps every three seconds.

It always worked

It didn’t matter if it was freezing cold or raining outside, your dumbphone always made phone calls and sent texts like it was supposed to. But if you look at your smartphone wrong, it freezes immediately and then reboots.

Flipping open your phone was pretty cool

Plus, built-in screen protection!

It was cheap and easy to replace

Okay, it was still way more expensive than it needed to be. But $150 was totally doable, while $800 is…not.

You were aware of your surroundings

Because your phone made calls, sent texts, and…that’s it. No distractions! Or, well, fewer distractions!

You used to be a good conversationalist

And now you’re…well…not.

No front-facing camera

And thus, no selfies.

You were the smart one…

…not your phone. Remember when you used to have arguments without pulling up Google at every turn? Or when you used to eat a meal without Instagramming a single photo of it, not once? Yep.

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