11 Ways Your Phone Helps You Out of Awkward Situations

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 13 Feb 2015

Remember what life was like 10 years ago. When we had to make up weird non-Internet memes like an awkward turtle in uncomfortable situations? Well, we no longer need awkward turtles because now we have smartphones. Sure, smartphones may make us more socially awkward in the long run. Still, they’re also helping us escape awkward situations with finesse. Which means we’re actually getting smoother. Or, well, softer at picking up our phones. And making up excuses about important texts, emergency phone calls, and life-or-death sports scores. So we don’t have to look you in the eye. It’s the same thing.

When You’re Waiting for a Friend

Instead of staring longingly at your cup of coffee like a loser, who obviously has no friends. You take a peek at your Twitter feed. Oh, I’m not waiting for anyone; I’m managing my social media profiles like a boss. While sitting alone. In this booth. Yeah.

When Somebody’s Hitting on You

It’s not that I’m not interested in you. I’m more interested in this new creature I discovered for my bestiary in Evolve: Hunters Quest. But, I’m not interested in you.

When It’s Your Boss’s Birthday

Happy birthday to the best boss ever! I didn’t need a Calendar notification to remember it was your birthday!

When You’re Late

Thanks to smartphones, being late is basically a non-issue. After all, if you text someone, and tell them you’re going to be late, are you really late? Or do you arrive as rescheduled?

When You Need to Win an Argument

Before the portable Internet in your pocket, the person who yelled the loudest won the argument. Just like on 24-hour news programs. But now that the sum of all human knowledge is at your fingertips 24/7, you can look it up.

When You’re Lost

No need to ask someone for directions or admit you’re lost. Just pull out Maps, and you’re set, unless you’re this woman.

When You’re About to Get a Traffic Ticket

Instead of fumbling through your glove box for your registration. While you try to sound casual without admitting blame, now you can avoid traffic tickets. Thanks to apps like Waze.

When You Totally Forgot to Sign that Contract that’s Due Today

Yep, you left that super important document on your desk at work. It’s the weekend, and your lawyer needs it signed right now. You can do that on your smartphone with an app like DocuSign. Crisis averted!

When Your Date Goes to the Bathroom

Instead of being alone with your thoughts like an average person. Why not take this chance to look through their Spring Break 2010 photo album on Facebook?

When Your Date Won’t Go to the Bathroom

You really wish they’d leave or something as the conversation is so weird and boring, full of awkward silences. Hang on a sec, phone to the rescue with a fake call app like Fake Call, or you can pick up your phone and look at it, so you don’t have to look at their face any longer.

When You Don’t Have a Date

What better way to celebrate your date lessness than by looking up forever-alone memes on your smartphone?