launches bView beta channel for developer tinkering

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 13 Feb 2015

just launched a beta channel of its bView tool, which should ultimately lead to a better experience when you view web content inside of an app.

Developers use bView in apps like Feedly or Facebook to let you read an article within the app, without kicking you out to the browser. By creating a Beta version, developers can check out new features sooner optimize performance for a better experience with their Android apps. Until Android llipop, bView was baked into the operating system, was only updated when the whole OS was. That changes in llipop; bView can be updated directly from the ay Store.

If you’re a developer, you need to join the + community in order to get access to the bView Beta.

This move is likely in response to a bView vulnerability discovered in Android devices lly Bean (4.3) devices below. This caught a lot of attention because said it would not fix the issue because doing so would require an Android update, which is a rather unpredictable slow process. The “fix” in essence is llipop, though some flagship phones are just starting to get it, many older phones never will.

y this matters: bView is a key Android service. has wisely tied it to ay Store updates so there won’t be the kind of security concerns found in previous Android versions. As always, good Android security practices should leave you without any problems.