Report: HTC’s wearable to launch without Android ar, work with iOS Android

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 11 Feb 2015

Even though HTC makes plenty of Android phones, it could be saying “no thanks” to ’s smartwatch platform.

The latest rumor from upleaks is that HTC’s new watch will work with both Android iOS, running a custom operating system dubbed RTOS.

This also means no Android ar, which is a little surprising given the significant number of Android phones HTC makes.

The leak also details the phone’s alleged specs: a 1.8-inch flexible display, an ST Micro 3251 Cortex-M3 chipset, three-hour battery life, G support. The watch packaging also includes a “foot pad,” which could be something inserted into your shoes for more accurate step counting.

th the Apple tch around the corner, this will be quite the challenge for HTC to convince iOS users to go with its option instead of Apple’s. so as more developers make their apps Android ar friendly, it will have to keep pace with new tools that builds in to its own OS.

The story behind the story: rhaps the lack of Android ar in HTC’s new watch is to be expected—the last we heard, HTC wasn’t building a watch, but instead a dedicated fitness tracker. The specs of this latest leak sound way more like a smart fitness tracker than a traditional smartwatch. The only solid piece of information we have is some kind of collaboration with Under Armour is in the works, which is buying its way to a fitness data empire.