Is Samsung teasing a curved-display smartphone for its Mobile rld Congress event?

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 2 Feb 2015

know a Galaxy S6 is coming, now an invite for Samsung’s Mobile rld Congress press event suggests a new flagship phone might maybe, possibly borrow the funky, wavy glass found in the Galaxy Note ge.

st dig the press invite that Samsung began sending out Monday. Note the curvy line accompanied by the phrase “at’s Next”:

samsungmwcunpacked2015 630x483

There have been murmurs Samsung is working on a Galaxy S ge to accompany the S6. If this is the case, it’s clear Samsung doesn’t see its Galaxy Note ge as a one-off experiment. The Note ge features a sharply curved display for showcasing a ticker customizable app launcher. It’s rather expensive, though, Samsung hasn’t released any sales figures to indicate if it’s moved the needle beyond being a niche product.

do know that Samsung is foregoing Qualcomm’s latest chip in favor of its own Exynos line, arguing that the former suffered from overheating in testing. Other rumors indicate Samsung is stepping up the design of its flagship phone, going with a nearly or all-metal build.

This would be a break from the past for the Galaxy S line, which traditionally has depended on cheap, plastic, removable backs. Adopting better build quality going with a 64-bit chip would give Samsung greater parity with the rival ione.

The story behind the story: Samsung is under pressure to step up its game after its latest quarter results went in the exact opposite direction of Apple. ile Apple had a record-setting quarter, Samsung has seen continued drops to its bottom line in multiple quarterly reports. The hints are that it’s done some soul-searching with a plan for better build quality backing off its heavy-hed Touchz software to reverse its fortunes.