How to watch the Super Bowl on your Android phone or tablet

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 1 Feb 2015

Super Bowl XX is almost upon us. You want to watch every second of the Seahawks battling the triots, but man, that’s a long game. And you gotta go to the bathroom sometime

Fortunately, you can stream the game live right from your Android tablet or phone. NBC will live stream the game, you shouldn’t even have to log in or provide any sort of pay TV credentials. The network will even stream the halftime show this year. It will stream ads too, though they won’t necessarily be the same ads that air on broadcast TV.

Here’s how you can ready now, so you’re not fussing with installing apps during the big game.

Android Tablets

On tablet, you’ll want to pick up the NBC Sports ve Extra app. That’s it! The app is not very highly rated at all, but that’s the portal through with NBC will stream to tablets. Unfortunately, the app won’t stream the Big Game to phones. Verizon owns exclusive rights to stream NFgames to phones.

Android ones

If you have Verizon, you’re in luck. The carrier has locked up exclusive NFbroadcast rights to phones. You’ll want to grab the NFMobile app. If you’re a “MORE Everything” customer, you can stream all you want. Other Verizon customers usually have to buy a premium subscription ($5 per month) to watch live NFgames—this might apply to the Super Bowl as well.

Don’t have Verizon? ll, NBC will stream the game on its NFSports ve Extra website, too. You can always try firing up your web browser on your phone going there, but there’s no guarantee it’ll work.