The 10 best Android Wear watch faces

Swap out your watch face to add a more personalized touch and get some useful information on your Android smartwatch.

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Make your Android Wear watch stand out from the pack

Google has finally opened the gates for developers to build customized Android Wear watch faces. In the short time they’ve been available, the Play Store's virtual shelves are already stocked with some great choices. 

We’ve plowed through the Play Store to find the gems that will give your watch a fresh and clean visual boost. Check out our selection, and let us know if there’s something else new and exciting worth slapping on your wrist.

Derek Walter


We all live under the stars, but you can't always see them, depending on the time of day or how much artifical light surrounds you. 

Even though it's a small screen, StarWatch puts the key constellations and other planetary bodies right on your wrist. It's not just a random mashup either—the map is based on your current location.

You can opt for a digital or analog watch in the foreground. As with a lot of watch faces in the Play Store, the developer promises more customization options soon, such as the ability to tweak the color scheme and constellation grid.

StarWatch ($0.99)

pujie black

Pujie Black

Pujie Black strikes the right balance for those who want a traditional watch face, but want the customization that comes with a smartwatch. 

By default the watch has a constant report of your phone and watch battery, along with the current weather forecast. It's the customization options that make it really shine, with an accompaying Android app that lets you tweak the type of analog clock hands, color schemes, size of the tickmarks, and digital readout.

It also reconfigures well for when the watch face fades away during the standby mode, just displaying a faint digital time and outline of the watch face.

Pujie Black ($1.27)

Derek Walter

InstaWeather for Android Wear

Forget digging for your phone to get the latest weather forecast. Get it right on your watch.

InstaWeather is a good choice for weather enthusiasts or someone who may be in for some inclement weather and wants frequent access to information. There are several ways to change up the face here, including turning your watch into a radar map or a forecast screen. There's also an option to put it in a low power state of you don't want all that weather data draining your battery.

InstaWeather for Android Wear (Free)

ripples android wear
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Water Ripples Live Watch Face

Maybe you just want the serenity that comes from watching the water ripple as sea creatures swim by. If so, then get Water Ripples Live Watch Face. There isn't much to it beyond that, but it's a pretty neat example of what is possible on a smartwatch.

The developer says there's an update coming soon with additional analog and digital watch face options, so this should liven things up a bit. In the meantime, enjoy the sea life.

Water Ripples Live Watch Face (Free)

retro rocket
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Retro Rocket

Your watch face can't always be serious. Put a little fun on the front of it with Retro Rocket. 

If you recognize the design, that's intentional. The developer says it's designed to mimic Disney's Tomorrowland, which is why it looks like a retro take on the future.

It works on both square and round watches, and includes the option for a dark or light color scheme. It could use a little more customization, but it makes the list here for its clever design and triggering the memories of Disneyland.

Retro Rocket ($0.99)



Want to know the position of the solar system by just glancing at your watch? Of course you do!

So get Planets, and you can geek out your home screen with some planetary science. You can still see the tiny planets when the watch is faded, but touch the home screen or raise your wrist for brightness and to see the Copernican-style orbital patterns. Another nice touch is the comet that circles around the clock to count down the minutes.

Planets Watchface Android Wear (Free)

dots android wear


Sometimes the best things are really simple.

The smallest dot slowly rotates around the screen, ticking the time away. The hour and minute dots are also positioned just as minute and hour hands would be, so you can get the time with a quick glance.

This could make for a nice break from all those watch faces that offer a deluge of information. Or maybe you just prefer clean, modern design.

Either way, it's a great-looking watch face even if it doesn't give you a ton of extra functionality. 

Dots Watch Face ($0.99)

material watch face
Derek Walter

Material Watch Face

With this face, Material Design meets a digital watch. When in standby the screen goes dark with a stark, sans serif font presenting the time, date, and temperature. 

When the watch lights up you get a variety of color choices, with a white or dark background against bright colors. It adjusts to either round or square watch faces.

One caveat is that it's designed for Android Wear 5.0, so make sure your watch has updated to the latest version of the operating system.

Material Watch Face ($1.20)

pac man
Derek Walter

Pac-Man Watch Face

Pac-Man just never gets old. The watch face version isn't a game, but it instead uses a clever display of the hungry creature eating his way across your screen. He works through a series of power pellets, fruit, and of course the ghosts who are running away with their frantic face on.

If nothing else it's a great conversation starter. 

Pac-Man Watch Face ($0.99)

slate watch face
Derek Walter

Slate Watch Face

If you're more excited about what Android Wear can do after you swipe away the watch screen, then check out Slate Watch Face.

It puts a good-looking watch on the home screen, to make your Android Wear device look like, well, a watch. It has some modest customization for changing up the color scheme. It also reconfigured the design for round and square watch faces.

It could use some more options for tweaking the look, but you can't go wrong if you want something simple and clean.

Slate Watch Face (Free)

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