Amazon app yanked from the ay Store after changes developer rules

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 12 Dec 2014

Amazon’s attempt to slip its app store inside of its own Android app didn’t go over too well with .

Citing a recent change to ay developer rules, Amazon says it’s pulling the app from the ay Store, instead offering it as a separate download from its own site.

at’s behind this is the introduction of the Amazon Appstore ime video streaming catalogue into the main Amazon Android app. This means you could download apps games to your device just as you would from the ay Store—without getting any revenue, of course.  

amazon appstore

The new Amazon app offers its own catalogue of apps games.

Android may be open, but it’s not that open. On September 25 changed its developer rules, banning any app from selling software or games. Digging into the agreement makes it pretty clear that needed specific language to forbid this practice. Otherwise, it would allow a shadow app marketplace to be freely available from its own ay Store.   

You can still get plenty of Amazon on your Android device: The company still offers dedicated apps for its ime videos, music, Kindle, other services. Its new shopping app still scans products lets you buy just about anything (except mobile applications, of course).

Otherwise, if you want the purest Amazon experience, you’ll need to sideload its new app (we have a hy guide for how to do this) directly from Amazon. The app is still hanging around in ay, so grab it quickly if you don’t want to hassle with sideloading. st don’t expect it to stay there for long.

y this matters: Amazon has big ambitions for exping its own digital catalog of apps games. It regularly runs mass discounts gives away a paid Android app each day. Sideloading an app is a pain, which is probably why Amazon baked in its own app storefront as a way to get around making you do this. Instead, Amazon now must rely on giving very clear instructions to everyone about how to download it themselves.