10 Noob mistakes Android users make

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Switching platforms is intimidating; everything's suddenly different! Whether you're coming from an iOS background, a BlackBerry background, a Windows Phone background, or dare I say a dumb phone background, Android will shock your system.

Your eyes will be opened, and you'll see everything in a completely new light. Finally, you can put app icons wherever the hell you want to, and even duplicate them. You can completely customize the look and feel of your operating system. And you can expand your device's memory at will with just a micro SD card.

But you'll also make some mistakes, like loading up your phone with battery-draining Live Wallpaper, or accidentally downloading an obviously virus-laden app. Whether this is your first Android device or your fiftieth, here are 10 mistakes all Android newbies make.

Ooo! Live Wallpaper

noob noob

It runs down your battery life and brands you a newbie, all at once!

Downloading anything and everything from Google Play

noob downloadvirus

'Sexy Wallpapers 100% Not a Virus"… Sounds legit.

Going overboard with widgets

noob widgets

Widgets are supposed to make you more productive. Clearly, this screen is not making anybody more productive.

Not using any widgets

noob slowdown

This is you. Why get a smartphone at all if it still takes you twenty seconds to check the weather?

Side-loading shady apps

noob useyourbrain

It's great that Android lets you side-load apps and download apps from sources other than Google Play, but that doesn't mean you should download everything. 

Not using all those neat Google services

noob brickpath

Using Google services like Google Now, Gmail, and Google Maps makes everything smooth, easy, and orderly. Everything just fits together, and Google does all the hard work.

noob chaos2

Avoid all the Google services on Android and your life can be a hectic mess. Or at least, harder than it has to be.

Keeping all networks on, all the time

noob regret

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location data, and NFC on? You'll have 50 percent battery life in T-minus 10 seconds...

Forgetting you have a micro-SD card slot

noob stupid2

Why is my phone so full?! Oh right, I have 128GB of empty space on this mini-SD card.

Not customizing anything at all

noob sobored

Your phone inspires this reaction.

noob rad

When it should be totally rad.

Pretending it's an iPhone

noob iphone

It's not. It's so much better!

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