Humble Bundle pulling its app from ay Store, teasing better buying options

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 13 Nov 2014

The Humble Bundle app is soon going to disappear from the ay Store. But it’s probably going to be easier for you to get those cool gaming app bundles in the long run.

Humble Bundle announced today that it’s working on a new app, which when ready you’ll need to download directly to your Android device. ile hinting at “new features,” the likely reason behind this move is to sell the bundles directly inside the app. 

ay doesn’t permit shadow app stores, which is why you have to also sideload services like the Amazon Appstore.

If this is the plan for Humble Bundle, it would allow you to buy their deals right on your device instead of the rather janky method right now, where you have to purchase the bundle on their site then initiate the download from the Android app.

If you have the app on your device it still works for accessing your past purchases. Humble says it will announce when its .apk is ready.

The impact on you: ile getting the Humble Bundle app up running will take a couple extra steps, the end result will be a better buying experience. th its own store right inside the app you would be able to peruse all their offerings download them directly on your Android phone or tablet instead of going through the browser or firing up a .