Shield Tablet to get Android llipop, bigger gaming library in Nov. 18 update

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 13 Nov 2014

You may want to do some finger exercises before the next software update hits your Nvidia Shield Tablet. Not only will the Nov. 18 download include Android llipop, but there’s a pretty solid cadre of new games coming.

Owners of the 32GB E model get Half-fe 2: Episode One rtal gratis as part of the Green Box bundle. It’s another gaming-heavy dose that follows the rollout of Nvidia’s GRID gaming service, which will launch with 20 different ports redesigned for the smaller screen. It’s an impressive concept, with games streaming at 720p 60 frames per second.

The update isn’t only for gamers, however. Nvidia’s new version of its Dabbler painting app lets you livestream your art sessions over Twitch, offering a respite from the arsenal of weaponry that typically dominates the service. Nvidia also says the tablet’s interface, while still a tweaked version of stock Android, will bear the marks of ’s Material Design aesthetic.

The story behind the story: Getting llipop is important for the Shield to stay at the forefront of “most desirable” Android tablets. The rapid OS update new gaming features give Nvidia another chance to tout its Tegra K1 chip, which also powers the Nexus 9. If the Shield Tablet impresses enough, the chip may find a home in other Android tablets.