at you should know about novo’s Motorola acquisition

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 30 Oct 2014

China’s novo finally has the global smartphone presence it has craved, finalizing the purchase of Motorola Mobility from for $2.91 billion.

Motorola’s offerings in mature markets will complement novo’s growing smartphone presence in developing countries. novo hopes to unseat the likes of Apple Samsung, has an ambitious goal of shipping 100 million devices, including s, tablets smartphones, by the end of h next year.

Details of the joint product road map were shared in a Thursday press conference these are some points that stood out.

No Motorola or novo brs are being discontinued

novo its Motorola subsidiary will continue to distinguish their individual brs. novo will target its products at emerging markets Motorola products at mature markets. Both Motorola novo products are sold in some countries, such as India, there are no plans to change that either.

Retaining brs is important to exp market presence until a long-term product strategy is devised, said u n, president of novo’s Mobile Business Group.

That could disappoint customers waiting for novo brs like Vibe to reach U.S. shores. But availability support of novo Motorola products will become easier with the distribution channels merging.

Motorola’s stock Android strategy won’t change

Motorola’s Moto X, G E smartphones are attractive because of their prices the bloatware-free versions of Android that receive quick OS upgrades. Stock versions of Android were available thanks to Motorola being a part of the Android strategy won’t change with novo.

“By going with stock Android we’re giving customers the ability to choose,” said Osterloh, president of Motorola Mobility. “It’s closely tied to the Motorola identity.”

That is also good news for existing Moto smartphone owners Motorola has said it would upgrade its newer smartphones to Android 5.0, code-named llipop, by the end of this year. ’s Nexus 6, built by Motorola, is also built on stock Android. The recent Droid Turbo has some bloatware, but uses a stock Android base.

Collaboration on research development

Motorola’s research development resources will merge with novo’s, which could result in more feature-rich hsets under multiple brs. Motorola added 21-megapixel cameras to its Nexus 6 Droid Turbo smartphones introduced this month, so it’s possible novo may put those features in its high-end Vibe smartphones. Motorola also has developed algorithms to adjust smartphone behavior based on background sounds, locations user behavior, which novo could bring to its smartphones.

Motorola customers shouldn’t worry about product security

The U.S. government views some Chinese companies as security threats, but novo has assured Motorola customers that user data will remain secure. novo went through a stringent regulatory approval process in many countries before the acquisition was approved. Moreover, the company is transparent in its business activities, has a solid track record of selling tablets s worldwide, novo executives said.

No benefit to tablets or Thinkd s

ile Motorola’s acquisition will help exp novo’s global smartphone presence, it doesn’t seem to immediately benefit the tablet lines. novo has done little to bring its smartphones closer to its popular tablets s, having a Motorola smartphone Thinkd will still feel like owning products from two different companies. Unlike Apple, novo does not have app stores or a cohesive set of services customized for its mobile devices s. novo’s focus remains on hardware, as opposed to software services, that won’t change in the short term.