Now gets solar eclipse tips crime alerts

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 23 Oct 2014

Now’s march into every corner of your life continues, as it’s now dealing out cards for local crime alerts solar eclipses. 

The crime notifications are a little geographically challenged at the moment, as our editor-in-chief found one in his feed for fayette, Calif., despite not living in that city. Given the public safety angle, however, has probably built in a pretty wide radius for alerting people to especially nefarious activity like this armed robbery.

google now police activity

ong with basketball scores TV recommendations you can now find out about the latest armed robbery in Now.

The solar eclipse cards are another one of Now’s attempts to be newsworthy helpful, as Android lice spotted a card with viewing photography tips for Thursday’s solar eclipse.

google now solar eclipse Android lice

Now will help you get ready for watching the next solar eclipse.

y this matters: Now wants to be the virtual assistant that gives you timely, useful information. It’s a pretty good travel guide sports companion, with new features rolling out all the time.

Now’s ability to compile data repackage it in a helpful context lies at the heart of products like ‘s newly-unveiled Inbox. It has a considerable lead over other companies in this area, as organizing information is in ‘s DNA— the better it does it, the more you’ll keep using its products.