Whoa: Samsung's new cable lets you use Galaxy devices to charge other gadgets

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You may not need to find a wall charger next time your phone starts tossing out low battery warnings. Samsung just announced a new charging cable that can transfer power directly from a Galaxy S5, Galaxy S Tab, and other members of the Galaxy family to another micro USB-compatible device. 

While you won't be able to bail out an iOS user—Apple uses its proprietary Lightning connector for charging and syncing—it easy to see how the cable could be a digital life saver. Is your phone about to give up the ghost? Just plug it into your charged Galaxy Tab. It's a nifty idea.

Performing the magic requires the Power Sharing app, available in Google Play and Samsung's own app storefront. The app enables you to specify exactly how much power you want to transfer from your Galaxy device to its waning counterpart. The charging will automatically stop once it hits the preselected limit.

The cable itself comes in white and costs $20. You can grab it from Samsung's official online store. According to Samsung's store, the charger will send power from a Galaxy S5, Galaxy Tab S 10.5, Galaxy Tab S 8.4, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Avant, and Galaxy Note 4.

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