Fleksy Android keyboard adds premium themes

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 28 Jul 2014

emium themes for third-party Android keyboards are getting to be a thing now. st a few weeks ago SwiftKey announced it would start selling stylish keyboard skins, now, competitor Fleksy is following suit.

The latest Fleksy update includes a refreshed look the ability to purchase themes from a dedicated store. Unlike SwiftKey, however, Fleksy is not offering its basic keyboard for free. You still have to pay $4 following a 30-day trial period to keep the app on a permanent basis.


You can now dress your Fleksy keyboard in Hot nk.

After you’ve purchased the app, you can continue to pour your money into Fleksy’s five premium themes: rple Haze, Deep Blue, quid Sky, Hot nk, New ght. Fleksy buyers can unlock one of the aforementioned themes for free. After that, each new keyboard theme will set you back 99 cents.

Theme purchases are under the ok & Feel section of the app.

Unlike SwiftKey, which pioneered the “swipe to type” method now built-in to the stock Android keyboard, Fleksy promises to improve your smartphone typing by automatically correcting mistakes for you.

The app does this by using what Syntellia, the company behind Fleksy, calls “Geometric Intelligence.” The basic idea being that even if you mistype nearly every single letter in a word, Fleksy will figure out what you meant to type based on the order of your mistakes proximity to the correct letters.

Fleksy also has its eye on the upcoming iOS 8 feature that will allow third-party keyboards to operate just as they have on Android, according to The Next b. Until now, Fleksy only worked with specific iOS apps wasn’t available system wide.

Fleksy also told TNthat it is working with phone manufacturers to make Fleksy the default keyboard on some Android hsets. Fleksy says the first pre-installed partnerships will start rolling out in the coming months.

In addition to the new store, Fleksy also added 17 new languages to the app for multi-lingual typists.